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Le Chuffre
Le Chiffre
First appearance Jeu Monégasque
Hair Graying
Nationality French
Occupation Extortionist
Personal Life

Le Chuffre attempted to extort $4 million from Malory Archer in exchange for a disk that contained unknown, unverified information. He died when Benoit drove his out-of-control Gran Prix racing car off a ramp into Le Chuffre's helicopter.


  • His name is a spoof of Le Chiffre, the villain from the first James Bond novel, Casino Royale. He only vaugely resembles the character in the novel, who is described as being overweight.
  • Archer loses most of the 401K funds playing Chemin de Fer, the game James Bond beats Le Chiffre at in Casino Royale.
  • He carries a Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer Pistol for protection.
  • He strongly resembles Cpl. Bishop

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