Lemuel Kane
Lana's Father
First appearance The Kanes
Voiced by Keith David
Age Unknown
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Personal Life
Family Claudette Kane (wife)
Lana Kane (daughter)
Lana's sister (daughter)
Abbiejean Kane-Archer (grandaughter)

Dr. Lemuel Kane is Lana's father and an algae researcher and biochemist. He is not particularly fond of Sterling Archer for obvious reasons. He appeared first appeared in "The Kanes". He is voiced by Keith David


  • He has extensive knowledge on Serbian medieval history.
  • Lana explains to Archer in one episode that if anything were to happen to her (and only her), custody of their daughter, Abbiejean, would go to either Lemuel and his wife, Claudette, or Lana's sister. At first, Archer's against this, but later agrees that it's probably what's best for their daughter.