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Len Trexler
First appearance "The Rock"
Voiced by Jeffrey Tambor
Occupation Head of ODIN
Skills Polo
Personal Life

Malory Archer (former lover)

Anastasia (deceased wife)
Len Trexler is the head of ODIN, one of Malory's former lovers, and possible father of Sterling Archer.


Leonard "Len" Trexler is the head of ODIN. He is voiced by Jeffrey Tambor. Len lives and works in Paris at ODIN Headquarters. His right-hand man at ODIN is Barry Dylan. He is a polo enthusiast and frequently takes practice shots from atop his desk out the upper floor window into the city. Len is one of the three possible fathers of Sterling Archer. While he's still interested in Malory, he was surprised and disappointed to hear how Malory neglectant to him as a child.

Len often professes his love for Malory, revealing "A Going Concern" that he is willing to marry her despite knowing she only wanted to marry him for his money. His love runs out when Sterling and several other ISIS employees put a Soviet mind control microchip in his head to make him fall out of love with Malory (and unintentionally drive him insane). He is the last known owner of Rabbert Klein.

Appearances Edit

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Season 2 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In the season 2 episode "Placebo Effect", Trexler is present with Malory during the flashback to Krieger's 15th birthday.
  • Archer's paternity has never been confirmed, but Trexler is the only possible father who is still alive.
  • Also despite Trexler possibly being his father, Archer was very unhappy with the idea of Trexler marrying his mother.
  • Possibly codenamed "Z" as ODIN's head was identified as such in "Killing Utne". But this is likely to be a placeholder as Trexler hadn't yet appeared or been mentioned directly.
  • Jeffery Tambor and Jessica Walter were also on Arrested Development as husband and wife George and Lucille Bluth.

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