Linda Belcher
First appearance "Fugue and Riffs"
Voiced by John Roberts
Status Alive
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Languages English (native)
Nationality American
Occupation Co-owner of Bob's Burgers
Personal Life
Family Tina Belcher (daughter)
Gene Belcher (son)
Louise Belcher (daughter)
Relationships Bob Belcher (husband)

Linda Belcher is co-owner of the restaurant Bob's Burgers. She married Sterling Archer, who believes he is Bob Belcher when Archer suffers from retrograde amnesia.

She, her husband and her kids worked at the restaurant for two months until the KGB found Archer and attempted to kill him. Despite that he had no idea what he was doing, Archer dispatched all of the KGB agents, leaving Linda and the kids to clean up the mess and prepare for an inspection from the health inspector. Linda subsequently received a phone call from Lana Kane about her husbands whereabouts.


  • John Roberts reprised his role as Linda.
  • It is assumed that she raised Tina, Gene and Louise alone since "Bob Belcher" didn't meet Linda until two months prior to her appearance, and refers to himself as the children's stepfather.
  • Both her and her childrens' appearances are a reference to the show Bob's Burgers in which H. Jon Benjamin, (the voice of Archer) also voices Bob Belcher.