Lord Gustavus Feltchley
Lord Feltchley
First appearance Training Day
Hair Grey
Aliases Gussy
Santa Claus
Languages English (native)
Occupation English Lord
Personal Life

Lord Gustavus Feltchley is an English Lord who is aquanted with ISIS Spymaster Malory Archer and Agents Sterling Archer and Lana Kane. He is the target of an assination attempt by an Irish terrorist and is saved by Agent Archer in "Training Day". After Archer saves him, he calls him Santa Claus.

He makes a cameo appearance as a disgruntled party attendee at Ellis Crane's mansion in the Season 7 episode, Bel Panto: Part I.


  • When Lord Feltchley flirts with Malory and Lana, Malory calls him "Gussy." Gussy is likely short for Gustavus.
  • His name Feltchley is a reference to the act of feltching, the definition of which can be found here: