Lt. Klauss Kraus
First appearance Skytanic
Voiced by David Anthony Pizzuto
Hair Gray
Occupation First officer of the Excelsior
Personal Life

Lt. Klauss Kraus is first officer on the luxury airship, Excelsior. He is accused of being disgruntled because he was passed over for command in favor of Captain Lammers. Kraus was insistent that passangers did not run in the corridors. He lost his eye saving a Jewish girl from a group of Neo-Nazi skinheads. In his words, he received a "curb party" for his heroic actions.

During the bomb-threat investigation, he was a primary suspect. After proving his innocence, he offered to help defuse the bomb. He was prevented from doing so when he was murdered by Captain Lammers.


  • A "curb party," a.k.a. "curbie,"  is the act of placing a victim's head on a concrete curb then kicking the back of the head, causing serious injury (as evidenced by the results on Kraus). Often this is done by making the victim place his open mouth on the curb, as though biting it. In Kraus' case the side of his head and eye were the injured regions. This is a tactic used by gangs, often associated, for instance as depicted in the film American History X, with Neo-Nazi gangs in particular.