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The M-41 MK 2 Plasma Pulse Rifle is an energy weapon designed and used by the ISA. It possesses both an ion

Archer Pulse 02

Lana with the M-41 MK 2.

"stun" mode (which can still be lethal) and plasma "kill" mode. It also has and underslung pump-action concussion grenade launcher. Despite being an energy-based weapon, it has a standard STANAG-looking magazine in a bullpup configuration. 


Archer Pulse 03

Cyril firing wildly with his eyes closed.

The MK 2 is an obvious reference to the M-41 pulse rifle from the movie Aliens. It shares a similar color scheme and design. Both have an electronic ammo counter, carrying handle with builtin sight, and andunderslung pump-action grenade launcher. However the MK 2 does have several key differences, most notably a bullpup design and plasma ammunition. 


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