Cyril's M14

The 7.62mm M14 rifle is an American selective fire auto-loading rifle. It was the standard issue weapon for the U.S. military between 1959 and 1970. It was replaced by the M16, but is still used as a ceremonial weapon and as a designated marksman rifle.


  • In "Dial M for Mother," Cyril is loading this weapon while in the restroom. A scene that mimics the film, Full Metal Jacket.
  • In "El Contador", Román Calzado and Cyril go hunting Archer and Lana armed with scoped M14s. Cyril`s rifle is taken by Lana and used to arrest Calzado.
  • In "The Wind Cries Mary", the scoped M14 appears again, used by Lucas Troy to shoot at Lana and Cyril.

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