Malory's South Beach Appartment

Malory's South Beach Apartment

Malory's South Beach apartment is Malory Archer's luxury condo in South Beach Florida. She employs a part-time butler by the name of Raul, and has hosted Conway Stern there where they spent a wonderful weekend together. Conway bought her a tiny lemon tree as a gift to remember the weekend ("Diversity Hire").

Ramon Limon blackmails Malory for the deed to the condo in exchange for a sex-tape of her and Nikolai Jakov ("Honeypot"). Doctor Krieger installs hidden cameras with audio in the apartment to spy on Ramon and get footage of Ramon having gay sex with Sterling. Malory plans to use the footage of Ramon's homosexual activities to counter-blackmail him for her condo and sex-tape.

Conway, Ramon, Charles, and Rudy have all made comments about the horrible decorating of the condo. Among other tacky features, it is filled with pictures of Malory's deceased dog, Duchess. Ramon planned to use claymore mines to redecorate the apartment, and finally blew part of it during a shootout, before being forced into hiding from Cuban agents.


  • Malory has never been seen in this apartment.