Cyril and Malory write the screenplay that will become Mandingo 2.

Mandingo 2: The Enslavening is a screenplay that Malory and Cyril pitch to the studio that produced many of Rona Thorne's movies.

The screenplay was developed while Malory attempted to re-write Disavowed as a movie that she could star in. She enlists Cyril's help in making the plot more coherent. She insists on keeping in scenes, characters and aspects that allow her to live out her own fantasy with a character called Cassius.

This movie would be a sequel to the 1975 film, Mandingo. Mandingo is set in the 1830s in the American South during slavery. It focuses on a slave owner, Warren Maxwell, and his son Hammond. It also focuses on a slave named Mede, who was trained to box. Hammond is depicted ravishing a slave named Ellen, after learning that his new wife was not a virgin. Mede, on the other hand, is ravished in turn by Hammond's wife Blanche. The film walks a fine line beween serious drama and a silly but fun blaxploitation flick.

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