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Medevac Chopper in action.

Medevac Choppers
are frequently called upon by the agents of ISIS when they are stuck in

Archer and Lana being evacuated

dangerous, life threatening, situations and need immediate extraction.  Often represented by Bell UH/204 series rotorcraft, these helicopters are equiped with full medical supplies needed to stabilize serious wounds sustained in the field. Furthermore, they are shown to be quick responders as seen in season 1 of The Rock, picking up Archer and Lana moments after Bilbo sends the chopper their coordinates via a makeshift Sat-Com link

In season 4, Archer needed a medevac chopper in Coyote Lovely, after a pair of border patrol police shot him. 

Overall these vehicles are crucial to the continuum of the series for they play a key role frequently keeping the agents of ISIS alive.

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