Mercedes Moreno
Mercedes Moreno 01
First appearance "Coyote Lovely"
Voiced by Carla Jimenez
Height 6'0
Eyes Brown
Hair Brown
Languages Spanish (native)
English (conversant)
Nationality American
Personal Life
Relationships Maria Moreno (mother)
Sterling Archer (crush)

Mercedes Moreno is the daughter of Maria Moreno but Sterling Archer thought she was a notorious coyote. It turns out her mother knew that Sterling Archer was after them so she used Mercedes to keep Sterling Archer distracted. But while being around Sterling Archer she started to have feelings for him. So when Archer got shot twice she quickly wanted to take him to a hospital and leave the border patrol behind to die. She told Archer the truth when he got on the real medical help in the helicopter. She also wouldn't let him die from his gun shot wound that he got when he told her "See? I knew you wanted to blow m-" . At the end of the episode she reveals that they did not meet by chance as her mother knew Archer's strengths and one of his many "weaknesses" (her big breasts) which she kept firm and ready. Mercedes is voiced by Carla Jiminez.

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