Mind Control Microchip

A mind control microchip is a device


The Mind Control Microchip constructed by KGB scientists, model number
Mind Control Microchip

Mind Control Microchip

934-TX, is a remote controlled satellite
KGB Satellite

KGB Satellite

device small enough to be implanted into a human (or rabbit) brain. When the control satellite is within a relatively small window above the chip it can send a signal to activate the chip and implant suggestions directly into the subjects brain, field tests have proven the operational window is too small to make the chip useful. There is also a side effect of interference from cellular phones, signals from which can send a subject into ferocious homicidal rages.


The Mind Control Microchip is implanted in Sterling Archer by Mannfred and Uta on the order of Nikolai Jakov "Dial M for Mother" and later removed by Dr. Krieger "A Going Concern" who tests it in Rabbert Klein before using it to brainwash Len Trexler into giving up his relationship with Malory.

Later in House Call, Krieger developed a smaller version of the Soviet microchip, and planted it in Cheryl's head so she would become a country singer. He admitted later that it was actually a sticker from a LEGO figure, which had had a placebo effect.

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