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The second image of the Modified Ludovico

The Modified Ludovico is a reference to the [Ludovico technique from A Clockwork Orange]. In both a series of disturbing images are shown to a patient who is forced to watch them in an attempt to make the patient less likely to engage in a specific behavior. The Modified Ludovico that Doctor Krieger put together to brainwash Len Trexler was made up of the following images:
  • Projected onto the screen
    • Malory
    • Malory turning into a demon
    • A mushroom cloud
    • A dead body with a skull head, showing its organs
    • Dead bloody cats
    • A radioactive hazard trefoil
    • Lots of skull heads
    • A slaughterhouse
    • A human skeleton in a coffin
    • A spider
    • The word "famine"
    • A vulture eating a small animal
    • A dead person from a car accident
    • The word "war"
    • A snake
    • A tornado
    • The words "old people"
    • The word "cancer"
    • A woman holding a knife (the photo is from an extra feature, "The Making of Archer: Backgrounds" from season 1's DVD)
    • A roaring bear
    • The words "dead puppy"
  • From Len's eyes, we can see
    • A biological hazard sign
    • Surgical supplies
    • Worms
    • Pill millipedes

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