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Mole Hunt
Simulation fail
Archer interrupts his training
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 1
Directed by Mack Williams
Written by Adam Reed
Production code AR01001
Original air date September 17, 2009 (preview)
January 14, 2010 (official)
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Training Day

"Mole Hunt" is the pilot episode of Archer. It was the first episode produced for the show and originally aired as a sneak preview on September 17, 2009, but officially aired billed as the second episode on January 14, 2010 after the episode "Training Day" which aired the same day.

Plot summary Edit

Sterling Archer, an egocentric, rude, and often tasteless agent from the spy organization ISIS, partakes in a torture training exercise, but causes it to be terminated after complaining about fellow agent Crenshaw's fake-torture tactics. The following day, while trying to get members of the organization to smell his dry cleaning due to its strangely curry-like odor, he is called into Malory's office, where he is chastised for misusing his ISIS-run expense account. Archer tells Pam that he is conducting a mole hunt, and he will give her donuts if she lets him into the mainframe, but she refuses. He seeks assistance from Cyril, a member of the organization and his ex-girlfriend's current boyfriend, to clear his account, but he refuses. Archer tries getting secretary Cheryl to leave the mainframe open that night, allowing Archer to easily slip in and clear his account, but she too denies his request.

Without any outside options, Archer is forced to manually break into the ISIS mainframe. Archer uses a grappling hook gun to zipline over to the "inexplicably unprotected" access door on the roof of the ISIS office building. Shortly afterwards, Archer rips one of his slightly darker black turtlenecks on a duffel bag. Though he initially thinks that this will be an extremely difficult task, he discovers that actual security is appallingly terrible and he easily figures out the password to hack his account after the first try.

While Cyril and Lana are at Lana's apartment having dinner (it's "Stir Friday"), Lana receives a phone call that a break in has occurred at ISIS. They drive in Cyril's car to ISIS headquarters.

While Archer is trying to transfer all of his excess expenses from his account to Crenshaw's, the agent enters the room and holds a gun up to Archer's head. He reveals that he is actually a Russian spy named Kremenski and is fearing that the agency is started to realize that he is a mole, so he plans on stealing $50,000 from Archer's account and flee from the country. Just then, however, Archer's ex-girlfriend—Agent Lana—arrives and pulls a gun on Kremenski. She and Archer begin to argue and the mole is able to escape. Crenshaw is stopped outside the ISIS building by Cyril and Malory, the latter of which asks him what is going on, and before he can answer, Archer and Lana exit the building and warn Malory that Crenshaw is the mole. Crenshaw grabs Malory and threatens to kill her with a Luger P08 Pistol, Sterling, in a daring act of heroism grabs Lana and declares that they are now in a "Mexican Standoff." Crenshaw states that he doesn't care if Sterling shoots Lana, and asks Archer how he would feel if he had to go on without "Mommy Dearest," Lana exclaims that Archer got an erection from Crenshaw's taunts. Crenshaw releases Malory and Archer shoots him four times, last of which is in the head (effectively removing him from any future plot lines).

Main CastEdit

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Cultural ReferencesEdit

  • The picture of Malory's dog Duchess is a reference to the John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Rolling Stone cover picture.
  • Archer says the dog Abelard's barking sounds like Puttin' on the Ritz.
  • Archer states that his shirt smells like Indira Gandhi's thong. Indira Gandhi was a prime minister of India.
  • Archer mentioning that his brain is like a tree and Lana is little cookie elves is a referring to the Keebler Elves of the Keebler Company.
  • Brian's song is a 1971 movie about a football player stricken with terminal cancer and his friendship with his teammate.
  • Johnny Bench who was a catcher for the Cincinnati Reds from 1967 to 1983 who was famous for having big hands.
  • Hungry Hungry Hippos is a classic board game.

Running GagsEdit

  • Password: Guest - The Password for the ISIS mainframe computer is "Guest"
  • Slightly Darker Black Turtleneck - Archer dresses in a black turtleneck to break into ISIS headquarters.
  • Bullet Magnet Brett - Archer, while trying to gain access to the room containing the mainframe, fires his gun at the locked door causing several bullets to ricochet around the office, one of which strikes an offscrean co-worker ( later indicated to be Brett Bunsen in Diversity Hire ) in a undisclosed part of his body.
  • Woodhouse Punishment - Archer threatens Woodhouse with rubbing sand in is eyes.


  • It is suggested that "Johnny Bench Called" is meant to imply that Johnny Bench wants his mitt back. Adam Reed confirms this.
  • Archer's description of the ISIS mainframe security system is likely a nod to Mission: Impossible in which Tom Cruise's character describes the CIA security system in an extremely similar way.
  • When Archer is walking through ISIS asking people to smell his shirt, he enters the control room and says "Hey you geeks wanna smell something?" He is told to get out by someone who appears to be supervising two Bilbos
  • This episode marks the fist indication of Lana's interest in interracial porn.
  • Dr. Krieger is seen in Pam's office but does not speak.


Lana: You want to see crazy?
Archer: No I've seen that movie, and, spoiler alert, it ends with a closet full of my suits on fire.
Lana: I wish you'd been wearing one.
Archer: Who would want to wear an on-fire suit?
Lana: Cosplay enthusiasts.

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