Mr. Herlihy
Mr. Herlihy
First appearance Lo Scandalo
Voiced by Lloyd Sherr
Eyes Blue-Gray
Hair Blonde
Occupation Building Superintendent
Skills Handyman
Personal Life
Family Son

Mr. Herlihy is the building superintendent for Malory's luxury apartment. He appears in the episode Lo Scandalo in a flashback.


Malory Archer has little respect for anyone of a lower social rank than her's, but she has even less respect for the Irish, primarily because the country remained neutral during World War II. These two factors combine to make her relationship with Mr. Herlihy a very rocky one.

Malory demonstrates her dislike of him quite visibly during the Christmas season. While most of the other tenenants offer an extra holiday payment as a show of thanks for the work he does all year, she gives him a potato. One year, he approaches her about this in hopes of receiving an actual reward to help pay for his son's medical bills. Instead, he receives a facetious remark and a slammed door.

Lo ScandaloEdit

Archer rebukes Malory for her cold treatment of her super and blames that for the reason why her front door has a squeaky hinge. When it's learned that Italian Prime Minister Savio Mascalzoni has been murdered in Malory's apartment, Lana suggests they sneak the body out through the basement, but Malory states they would have to pass by Herlihy's apartment, which would ruin the whole plan.

Later on, Detective Murphy is convinced that there is nothing untoward going on in the apartment. He wonders who would make a false report, and Malory blames Herlihy stating that he drinks.

Gallery of ImagesEdit

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