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Mr. Moto is the leader of the Japanese gang in New York known as the Yakuza.

Mr. Moto
First appearance "Drift Problem"
Voiced by George Takei
Eyes Brown
Hair Grey

Japanese (Native)

English (Proficient)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Leader of the Yakuza
Personal Life

Character BiographyEdit

Mr. Moto was first introduced in the episode Drift Problem. He is the leader of the deadly Japanese gang called the Yakuza. After a car chase, Malory Archer shot Mr. Moto into the ocean. 

Mr. Moto returns in season 5 in Archer Vice: A Debt of Honor as Pam scammed the Yakuza out of a million dollars of amphetamines. 

Mr. Moto calls Pam who is staying at Cheryl's house, and he tells her that the man who sold her the drugs is not going to be playing the violin anymore, because they dissolved him in acid. 

Mr. Moto then tells Pam that he wants her head. Archer has to save the day, by negotiating with Mr. Moto about the drugs that Pam stole. 

In the end Archer gives 5 million dollars worth of cocaine to Mr. Moto. 



  • Mr. Moto is voiced by George Takei. 
  • His english is not that great. 

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