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Nikolai Jakov
First appearance "Mole Hunt"
Voiced by Peter Newman
Height 5'11"
Weight 235 lbs
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark grey
Languages Russian (native)
English (fluent)
Nationality Russian
Occupation Head of KGB (formerly)
Personal Life
Relationships Malory Archer (ex-girlfriend)

Nikolai Jakov, Head of the KGB, voiced by Peter Newman, was the head of the Russian KGB, and possibly the biological father of ISIS agent Sterling Archer.

History Edit

Nikolai was the head of the KGB and somewhat of an enemy of ISIS. Interestingly enough he has had a long (40 years to be exact) and tumultuous romantic relationship with the head of ISIS, Malory Archer and may be Sterling Archer's biological father. He has been behind numerous plots against ISIS, such as planting the mole Crenshaw; hiring Elke Hubsch, Uta and Mannfred to assassinate UN worker Torvald Utne; and later hiring Mannfred and Uta to plant a mind control chip in Sterling's brain. Despite these apparent villainous behaviors, Nikolai has a surprisingly friendly relationship with Malory. They frequently communicated through a large video screen link in their offices. Nikolai also seems to want to resume his relationship with Malory, once using a sex tape to try and blackmail her into getting back together with him in Russia. He also seems to want to very much be Sterling's father, though he admits he would gladly kill Sterling if it turns out he was not. Nikolai captures Sterling when he came searching for his father's identity, and Malory hired Barry Dylan to free him. The KGB captured Barry Dylan and converted him into a cyborg agent for themselves. Barry however has his own agenda in getting revenge on Archer and becoming head of the KGB in Nikolai's place. Nikolai decides to defect to the United States and gets protection from ISIS. He bonds with Archer during this time, but is ultimately killed by Barry in an explosion. Nikolai left a message for Sterling on a videotape, though it is unknown what it was or if it survived the explosion that killed Nikolai.


  • Nikolai Jakov's name is meant to sound like "jack-off" as an inside joke. His military rank is a Major, so when people call him Major Jakov it sounds like "major jack-off".
  • Has the same habit as Archer to refer to Malory's actions as "classic her", as well as cooking kebabs.
  • Chartered the boat Chum Guzzler in a failed attempt to impress Malory Archer. When it was destroyed he lamented that he probably had lost his security deposit on the boat.
  • According to ISIS's profile on Jakov, he is 5'11" and weighs 235 pounds.
  • Despite being the head of the KGB, it seems that Nikolai is just as poor as any other Soviet citizen and is extremely poor compared to other world leaders.
  • Nikolai is the only one of Malory's lovers that know that Sterling could be his. Despite his connection to the KGB, Archer still attempted to reach out to him as his possible father.


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