First appearance "Bel Panto: Part I"
Voiced by Unknown
Status Alive
Eyes Unknown
Hair Purple (mask)
Aliases Nurple
Languages English (native)
Nationality American
Occupation Robber
Personal Life
Relationships Alan Shapiro (hirer)
Mr. Rompers (superior)
Oingo (comrade)
Boingo (comrade)
Giggles (comrade)
Pinky Brewster (comrade)
Yum Yum (comrade)

Nurple is the alias of one of the clowns that attacked a fundraiser at Ellis Crane's mansion. His voice is provided by an unknown actor.


Season 7Edit

"Bel Panto: Part I"Edit

"Bel Panto: Part II"Edit


He is possibly the most competent member other than Mr. Rompers, this backed up by the fact he rushed the women out the bathroom when the time was up. That proves he does his best to be an enforcer and reinforce Romper's orders. He is also one of the members who escaped the authorities alongside Rompers, Oingo, and Boingo.


  • The name Nurple is a reference to purple nurple, the act of grabbing and twisting a nipple of another person.[1]
  • Nurple is the only member of Romper's crew whose name doesn't begin with letter of the color he is wearing, however, his name does refer to purple nurples maintaining the correspondence between codenames and the color worn.


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