Old buncombe

Bourbon is a whiskey made in the American South. It is a barrel-aged distilled spirit made primarily from corn. Many of the characters in Archer drink a fictional brand of bourbon named Old Buncombe.

Pam and Cyril are seen drinking it to the point of blacking out in both Heart of Archness: Part II and Heart of Archness: Part III (resulting in Cyril encrypting all of ISIS's Swiss bank accounts and forgetting the password the next morning).

Pam pours some into Sterling's coffee in White Elephant.

Sterling, Lana, and Malory can also be seen drinking it in Malory's apartment in Lo Scandalo


  • Buncombe is the county surrounding Asheville, North Carolina, where Adam Reed is from. 
  • Since both Pam and Cyril can afford Old Buncombe (each are seen with their own bottle on separate occasions), it's unlikely that it's very expensive.