Ona Grauer
Archer Verse Information
Voice of Katya Kazanova
Veronica Deane ( Imposter )
Biographical Information
Birth Name Ana-Margarita Grauer
Date of Birth November 16, 1975
Place of Birth Mexico City, Mexico
Gender Female
Additional Information
Occupation Actress, Voice Actress
Notable Roles Ayiana on Stargate SG-1
Emily Young on Stargate Universe

Ona Grauer is a Mexican-Canadian actress and voice actress. She was born in Mexico City, Mexico [1] and is of Norwegian, German and Hungarian descent. She is perhaps best known for playing Emily Young on the television series "Stargate Universe".

Ona voiced Katya Kazanova in "White Nights",  "Double Trouble", "Skin Game", and "Viscous Coupling". She also provided the voice of Veronica Deane ( Imposter ) in "The Figgis Agency".

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