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Pam Poovey
Pam Poovey
First appearance "Mole Hunt"
Voiced by Amber Nash
Age 38
Height 5'7"
Weight 250 lbs. (according to her ID)
Eyes Green
Hair Blonde
Aliases SnowballShiro KabochiCokey Monster
Languages English (native)Japanese (conversant)Italian (conversant)
Nationality American
Occupation ISIS H.R. director, field agent, police officer(season 8)
Skills Fighting, farming, human resources, arts & crafts, puppetry, drift car racing,
Personal Life
Family Edie Poovey (Sister)
Mr. Poovey (Father)
Mrs. Poovey (Mother, Deceased)
Unnamed Niece/Nephew
Facebook Facebook Pam's Gossip Train on Facebook
Twitter Twitter @pamsgossiptrain on Twitter
"Holy shit snacks!"
—Pam's catchphrase

Pamela "Pam" Poovey (voiced by Amber Nash) was the former Human Resources (H.R.) Director at ISIS. She frequently came across personal information about the other employees that she exposed on her blog. Pam sometimes used a dolphin hand puppet to encourage communication during H.R. mediations. She was later beaten with that puppet by Archer.

Pam has demonstrated herself, on multiple occasions, to be extremely combat effective, especially in subduing and incapacitating her enemies - despite a total lack of any formal close-quarter hand-to-hand combat training. In the episode 'Un Chien Tangerine' she scored very highly in the IFAAB (ISIS Field Agent Aptitude Battery), which is an exam aspiring field agents have to pass to be put on active duty in the field. Converse to Malory's disbelief, her IFAAB score was subsequently bolstered by a video showing Pam ruthlessly subduing Ray, Cyril and Krieger - simultaneously. However, according to Malory, a perfect score on the IFAAB merely indicates that one is a candidate for field agent status. Following Pam's pleading, Malory stated that she would make a decision in her deliberation, but never did.

Pam, along with the other member of ISIS, were uprooted after a raid on the agency by the FBI. They went into drug dealing which, as a result, Pam developed a coke addiction after merely two days.

She now serves as an employee at the Figgis Agency where she can be found twirling in chairs ruining their bearings prematurely much to Cyril Figgis' chagrin.


Pam grew up on her family's dairy farm, Poovey Farms, where she helped raise Holstein cows and produce dairy products such as milk and cheese. For much of her childhood she was constantly teased and humiliated by her sister Edie such as when Edie gave a blowjob to a boy Pam liked or when she had calf's blood dumped on Pam during prom. Pam is an extremely tough person, probably because she grew up on a farm and paid for college by participating in an underground fighting ring where she may have killed several people. Pam has an opportunity to demonstrate her strength when a group of kidnappers try to force her into a van. Later, while they are beating her, she taunts them for being weak. She kills the last surviving kidnapper by snapping his neck and may have beaten Ms. Archer for starting her bid for Pam's release at a mere $5,000.

Pam also has a high tolerance for drugs and alcohol which she imbibes on frequent occasions. Upon her return from Jamaica in Season 2: A Going Concern, Pam is seen chain-smoking large joints throughout the episode and labeling as racists all those who refuse to partake. Her penchant for marijuana reoccurs when Malory asks her to send out a memo regarding an upcoming employee drug test in El Contador: Pam is getting high when Malory phones her, so Pam hides her exhale by coughing, and luckily for her, Malory thinks she's only beatboxing. As for alcohol, Pam seems to be the only one other than Malory who is able to drink head-to-head with Archer and possibly even surpassing him; in Crossing Over, Archer finally gets drunk enough to have sex with Pam. From mixed drinks like Shandies and Margaritas, to hard alcohol like Absinthe and Jägermeister, Pam truly possesses a wicked capacity for putting it away.

Employment at ISISEdit

Pam is generally not a good human resources director: she gossips around the office, drinks on the job, constantly tries to sleep with co-workers, exposes co-workers health issues in appalling videos on her website and keeps tons of dolls around for suspect-identification in an office gang-bang (with her fingers crossed). Despite being seen as unattractive by many of her co-workers, she has had sex with five members of ISIS. In "Dial M for Mother," she guilted Lana Kane into having sex with her on the condition that Lana be allowed to pretend Pam was Alex Karras. In "Swiss Miss," she was involved in a three-way with Conrad Schlotz and Malory Archer. Sterling Archer himself has declared Pam to be the best sex he's ever had. She has had sexual encounters with Cyril Figgis at least twice (once while he was unconscious).

In "A Going Concern", Pam mentions that she was deported from Jamaica, possibly for drug trafficking.

On her back, Pam has tattoos of 13 tally marks (most likely referring to the number of people she's killed fighting in college, or in reference to "12 jurors 1 judge" indicating time in prison) and an excerpt from the poem "The Destruction of Sennacherib" by Lord Byron:

"For the Angel of Death spread his wings on the blast, And breathed in the face of the foe as he passed: And the eyes of the sleepers waxed deadly and chill, And their hearts but once heaved, and for ever grew still!"
Pam Tattoo

Pam's tattoo

Family Edit

Pam grew up near Green Bay, Wisconsin. Her father is still alive, possibly still residing at Poovey Farms. Pam made a model farm out of marzipan and graham crackers for his birthday in "Stage Two", although as he had diabetes, it was probably in poor taste. Her mother is dead, likely of Lou Gehrig's disease, mentioned in "Movie Star".  In "Sea Tunt: Part II", Pam mentioned one sibling, a sister named Edie. Pam is an aunt to a child of Edie's; she mentions that Edie couldn't have the baby in the house and had to have it in the barn (Arrivals/Departures). 

Sexual PartnersEdit

By the end of Season 4, Pam has had sex with all of her major co-workers at ISIS (male and female) except for Cheryl and Ray. She briefly had a friends-with-benefits arrangement with Archer, and sexually assaulted Cyril while he was passed out. A frustrated Lana had pity sex with her in season 1, claiming she would pretend Pam was Alex Karras throughout. An intoxicated Malory had sex with Pam by way of a threesome with Conrad Schlotz; upon sobering up, Malory threatened to kill Pam if she ever told anybody.

Trivia Edit


Pam is allergic to soy

  • Candi McElhannon served as the model for Pam.
  • Pam is allergic to soy.
  • Pam is constantly mocked for her weight, although she is rarely affected by such treatment.
  • She is openly bisexual.
  • Pam constantly spreads gossip around the office with no apparent sense of self-censorship, even spreading gossip on very dark subjects such as breast cancer diagnoses. Attempts to attain information are often coerced out of Pam when the rest of ISIS attempts to keep quiet.
  • Leaves frequent Pam Graffiti around not only the ISIS offices, but in various places in the city.
  • She paid for college by participating in an underground fighting ring, and agreed to join Krieger's  "Bum Shock Fights" by adapting a pair of shock gloves, which she referred to as "game changers."
  • Her favorite munchies are bear claws.
  • In Dial M for Mother, Pam demonstrates impossible agility around 9:55 into the episode by moving from the Isis Laundromat to Cyril's office in less than ten seconds during Lana's revenge announcement in Cyril's Office.
Tumblr mlcp1zntS51re4rvjo1 500

Green Russian

  • She can consume massive amounts of alcohol.
  • She has $42,424 in her ISIS 401(k) - "Jeu Monégasque"
  • Two of her favorite drinks are Green Russians and Schützenmeister.
  • Her driver's license lists her address as "15 Evergreen Drive, Queens, NY 11428" - but this is not a real address, although 11428 is the zip code of Queens Village, which is a neighborhood in Queens.
  • Her personal best for stuffing pool balls in the mouth is four - "Tragical History", although this resulted in the tragic consequence when "some a-hole" slapped her on the back in a bar, causing her to swallow and later pass them.
Archer-Wiki Characters Archer-Vice Skinny-Pam 01

Thinner Pam (House Call)

  • Pam was a recurring character in season 1, but got upgraded to main character in season 2.
  • In season 3, Pam became a highly-accomplished drift car racer known as "Shiro Kabocha (白カボチャ)", which she believed translated into "The White Shadow" until to her aggravation, she learned it actually meant "White Pumpkin."
  • In season 3, she became sexual friends with benefits with Archer, who tricks her into being a stow away on the space ship in the "Space Race" story arc. As of season 4 this seems to have ended however.
  • She has a Siamese fighting fish named Germaine, and has racked up $14,000 in debts from betting on fish fights. Thuy is her translator in the underground fish fights.
  • Pam has a history of drug use. In the first several seasons she can be seen smoking cannabis. In Archer Vice she becomes addicted to cocaine, simply eating it by the kilo. By the end of the season she was beginning to suffer from severe cocaine withdrawal, though by the start of season 6 she seems to have overcome it. 
  • In Archer Vice (season 5), Pam is seen to have lost a considerable amount of weight due to her cocaine addiction, though she rapidly gained all the lost weight back by season 6, likely due to her having overcome her addiction. 
  • In Papal Chase (season 4), Archer reveals that Pam is a Lutheran during the car chase, to which the Pope points out "Luther had some valid complaints".  
  • Pam has a flatulence problem and is heard to break wind frequently, usually while hung over.  
  • She once knocked out Archer in a bathroom, almost strangled Cheryl to death, beaten Krieger, Ray, and Cyril in a training exercise, and once may have beaten up Malory Archer.  
  • In the season 6 episode, "Pocket Listing", Pam finds out she is Archer's best friend. We then find out she has two best friends, Carol and Archer.  


  • "Nutsack!"
  • "On my tits."
  • "Holy shit snacks!"
  • "Sploosh!"
  • "Damn, dog! That's Inappropes!"
  • "Bear claws! Num num num num num!"
  • "You better just kill me."
  • "Come at me, bro!"
  • "Bring it!"
  • "Inappropes."
  • "40 oz. in my lap and it's freezin' my junk."
  • "Maybe you can shut your dick holster."
  • "Who taught you how to punch? Your husband?"
  • "Yeah! And unlike your dusty vagine, it's not gonna stay empty."
  • "Sorry about your homie... homies!"
  • "Aw, man!  I just totally lost face!"
  • "You're so hot for him, I could re-heat this chili in your cooch." (on the torch Lana carries for Archer, in Heart of Archness: Part I)
  • "Dicknuts!"
  • "I swear to God you could drown a toddler in my panties right now"
  • "Houdini died of AIDS"
  • "Racist."
  • "No shit!"
  • "Punk ass bitches"
  • "Cyril, hey you awake? Cause this is about to get weird"
  • "Haaaaaaaaaa"
  • "This a Forty, shorty."
  • "And, that being said, I am open to blow jobs for money. I only got eight bucks on me, but…"
  • "Swedish meatballs!"

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Archer - Pam Poovy Gets Kidnapped Clip

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