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Patrick "Crash" McCaren
Crash McCaren
First appearance "The Archer Sanction"
Voiced by Rob Huebel
Aliases Paddy (by Archer)
Languages English
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Assassin
Skills Mountain Climbing
Personal Life

Patrick "Crash" McCaren is a Canadian assassin who appears in "The Archer Sanction." The name McCaren is of Scotch-Irish origin. The nickname "crash" comes from an incident where he saved several peoples lives from an avalanche.

He was the extra-judicial kill target assigned by the CIA to Lana, Ray and Archer. During the climb of Die Totenspitz, McCaren managed to kill the trio of INTERPOL agents of Mario Sevino, Hans Hessler and Michiko Ishikawa, before getting shot in the shoulder by Archer. His status is currently unknown after the shot triggered an avalanche, although it's likely that he died.

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