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"Pipeline Fever" is the fourth episode of the second season of Archer.[1]

Plot Edit

While Malory tries to make ISIS a green workplace, Archer and Lana head to the Louisiana bayous to prevent a dangerous eco-terrorist from bombing America's largest natural gas pipeline. Archer's equipment checklist for the mission will include an airboat, a sawn-off shotgun, a compound bow, and nine cases of beer.[2]

Main Cast Edit

Guest CastEdit

  • Robb Pruitt
  • Mike Schatz


  • The African Queen stars Katharine Hepburn, not Audrey Hepburn as Archer repeatedly states.
  • Archer is drinking Hurricanes on the plane to New Orleans, one of the city's signature drinks.
  • The owner of Bayou Airboat Rentals has two dogs name Old Dan and Annie, the same as the two hounds in Where the Red Fern Grows.
  • Archer reveals to Lana his three biggest fears: Alligators, Crocodiles, and Brain Aneurysms.
  • The outfit worn by Archer in the swamp as well as the bow used by him are references to Burt Reynolds' outfit and bow from Deliverance. Archer's "double chuckle", heard just before the start of the main credits, is also something that Burt Reynolds is known for doing in many of his movies and public appearances.
  • On the plane, Archer informs Lana that he is wearing a Hermès tie.
  • The scene in Krieger's lab refers to a scene in "Alien: Resurrection" where the camera pans over the failed clones of Ellen Ripley.
  • The sawed-off shotgun carried by Archer is a reference to Bama McCall, actor Jerry Reed's corrupt character in the movie Gator.
  • The Alligator leaping onto the airboat in hopes of attacking and devouring Archer and Lana is a reference to a famous scene in Jaws.

Gallery of ImagesEdit

There are 14 screenshots and images from "Pipeline Fever" on this Wiki, visit the category page for a complete gallery. Here is a sample of four images from the gallery:

References Edit

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