Pirate King
First appearance "Heart of Archness: Part I"
Voiced by Ji Li
Occupation Pirate King
Personal Life
"What the hell, damn guy?!"
—The Pirate King's dying words[src]

The Pirate Captain, was the leader of the pirates who rescued Archer and Rip Riley from their life-raft. He only rescued them so he could turn them in for a ransom (or- the BIG BIG MONEEEY!). He had a heavy, exaggerated accent and was very excitable.

He commanded the Pirate Ship until he was killed by Archer, at which point Archer became the new Captain, declaring himself King.

He resembles the appearance and the voice of the waiter at the Chinese restaurant who serves Archer and Katya from the episode "Skin Game".


  • His dying words, "What the hell, damn guy?!", are a callback to Frisky Dingo.