"Pocket Listing" is the ninth episode of season 6 and the seventy-first episode overall of Archer.

Plot Edit

Slater has the gang swindle the Durhani royal family and Gillette lends a hand.


At ISIS headquarters, Slater outlines the latest CIA mission for the agents: incapacitate the Durhani royal guards, sedate the royal family with a fast-acting tranquilizer gun, and allow Slater to scan their phones and electronics, so America can monitor their communications. The royals are house-hunting for a New York residence, so the operation is conducted at Tunt Manor where the gang takes up their positions: Krieger monitors the cameras, Lana and Pam pose as maids, Archer is the butler, Cyril is a valet, and Ray is in camoflague in the conservatory.

Because of her familiarity with the property and its history, Cheryl is able to convincingly offer rich, often grim, details to the innocent Crown Prince Fawad Fawaz and his overbearing mother Queen Yasmin. Despite this, flaws and infighting immediately come to the forefront. Lana finds Slater's plan both unethical and unnecessarily complicated, Archer pines for the beautiful queen, Slater starts repeatedly tranqing Krieger for his perceived annoyance, and Cyril hopes to drive a wedge between Archer and Lana by exposing Archer's philandering. In the formal dining room, Archer becomes convinced that he must have sex with the queen. Cyril's strategy to win Lana back by revealing Archer's plan backfires when she instead decides to make Archer jealous by seducing the prince.

Ray successfully dispatches with the guards by lacing them with a powerful chemical laxative, but Slater's contrived plan quickly goes off the rail: Lana entices the prince to the bedroom, a giant venus flytrap in the conservatory attacks Ray, Archer sedates the Prince and Slater, and he and Lana start making out. The Queen comes across the scene, screams for the guards, and gets tranqed by Archer. Everyone, except for Lana and Sterling who are making love in the bathroom, escapes out a secret passage before the guards arrive and the royals wake up. Apperently the danger made it so much hotter.

The mission is a colossal failure; although Slater and the CIA weren't implicated, the Durhani ambassador is furious and Ray has lost his hand to the carnivorous plant. On the plus side, Lana and Archer are back together.

Callbacks and Running GagsEdit

  • Archer, once again, does not read the mission dossier in this episode.
  • Krieger repeats the last line from The Planet of the Apes, which is the third time he has done so in the series.
  • Malory calling Slater "Mr. Slater" is similar to what she does in "Three to Tango".
  • Krieger's bathroom cameras are still installed in Cheryl's mansion, although the GILF cam does not seem to be up.
  • Ray has face paint similar to that he was painting onto Cyril during "Sea Tunt: Part I."
  • Archer declaring that the tranquilizer gun goes off "for like, no reason" is similar to what he says about Krieger's weaponry modifications in "Training Day."
  • A former ISIS employee can be seen during an exterior shot of the Tunt Manor, appearing homeless, pushing a shopping cart full of cans and being questioned by a cop.

Trivia Edit

  • Pam tells Archer that Cheryl is her first best friend, so that implies that although the two of them have a hate/love relationship, they are still extremely close.
  • When Lana walks down the stairs to lure the Prince, Pam exclaims "Damn, Gina!", which is a catchphrase used by the title character in Martin.
  • Archer and Lana have sex. This is what gives rise to their reignited relationship in the next episode.
  • The Tranquilizer gun that Slater uses looks like the same gun that Archer uses in "Three to Tango."
  • Also around 6 minutes, the orientation of Ray's face paint flips horizontally while wondering if The Queen, Fawad Fawaz's mother, enjoys anal sex and mentioning that their situation is eerily similar to his "fanfic".
  • Cheryl's alias, "Miss Escrow", could be a nod to the name of the real estate lady in the eighties Hanna-Barbera series Foofur. An escrow is a contractual arrangement for money-handling in which a third party handles the money for two firms or persons in a business deal.
  • The conservatory in Cheryl's mansion contains a rare Corpse Plant.
  • Archer sarcastically makes reference to the famous riddle scene in The Hobbit where Bilbo Baggins takes possession of the One Ring from Gollum.
  • When Archer is criticizing Slater's plan for being too crazy, he says it had everything "except a sign for free bird seed." This is a reference to how Wile E. Coyote often employs a "Free Bird Seed" sign in his complicated plans to catch Road Runner in the Looney Tunes cartoons.



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