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Ramon Limon
First appearance Honeypot
Voiced by Ron Perlman
Eyes Dark Brown
Hair Black with graying temples
Languages Spanish (native)
English (fluent)
Nationality Cuban
Occupation Former Cuban Spy
Personal Life

Ramon Limon is a former spy for Fidel Castro. He kept his homosexuality a secret from Fidel, who "hates the gays." He is an avid Jai Alai player. Ron Perlman provides his voice.

Ramon obtained a copy of the sex tape made by Nikolai Jakov and attempted to blackmail Malory Archer with it. As a counter measure, Malory sent her son Sterling Archer to run a honeypot operation against Ramon. The operation called for Archer to seduce Ramon into having sex while being videotaped, so Malory could counter-blackmail Ramon.

Through the course of the operation, Ramon and Sterling find they have a lot in common, especially concerning their controlling and manipulative mothers. Despite their bond, Ramon was completely untroubled at the idea of tricking Sterling out of a high priced amount of cocaine and the payment meant for said amount, to which ended in him faking his death.


  • Like Charles and Rudy, Ramon, while initially introduced as a one-time character, returns in Season 5's "A Kiss While Dying".
  • In a promo for Season 5, Ramon is seen showing Archer his kitchen, In which Archer has a bloody head wound, much like in Honeypot.
  • In A Kiss While Dying Ramon fakes his own death and tricks Archer into kissing him, hence the title.
  • Ramon's last name is Spanish for "lemon", albeit without the accent mark over the "o". It's possible that this is a reference to him being a "fruit".

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