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Randy Gillette
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First appearance Bloody Ferlin
Voiced by Jack McBrayer
Languages English
Occupation Drug (marijuana) farmer
Personal Life
Family Ray Gillette (brother)
Relationships Janelle Gillette (wife)

Randy Gillette, voiced by Jack McBrayer, is the estranged hillbilly brother of Ray Gillette.


Randy is the younger brother of Ray. Though they grew up together the two brothers were never particularly close. Proof of this is the fact that Ray, who is usually open with his homosexuality, keeps it secret from his brother, even going as far as to have Cheryl Tunt pretend to be his wife. Randy is also unaware of Ray being an agent for ISIS, instead thinking he was an interior designer. Randy contacted Ray asking for his help, claiming a crooked Sheriff was going to throw him in jail so as to take over his farm. In actuality Randy was secretly a drug dealer, though he prefers the term drug farmer, and wanted help fighting off the Sheriff's planned raid of his farm. While at the farm, Randy also had sex with Cheryl, claiming he and his own wife (Janelle Gillette) had an open marriage. This seems to be true as she attempted to seduce Sterling. Ray was furious with his brother for lying about the drug farm and sleeping with Cheryl, who Randy thought was Ray's wife. Though Randy is ultimately arrested after a shootout, Ray convinces him to turn his life around and start working in the coal mines instead ("Bloody Ferlin"), unfortunately Randy was revealed to be most likely to die in prison for the level of his crimes (drug farming, distributing and attempting to kill police officers) following his arrest, to which Ray claimed he was unlikely to visit him.

Randy is later mentioned in A Debt of Honor, where he is confirmed to be serving a life time sentence.

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