Raul Gomez
First appearance "Diversity Hire" (archive photo)
Age 48
Height 6'2"
Weight 184 lbs.
Eyes Blue
Hair Black, Grey temples
Languages Spanish (native)
Nationality Cuban
Occupation Major of Cuban Naval intelligence
Personal Life

Major Raul Gomez is a Cuban Major and undercover operative of naval intelligence and contact of Wilhelm Schmeck. Archer disguised himself as Raul in order to trick Schmeck into giving him the Whisper Drive in "Diversity Hire"


According to his ISIS intel file, Raul enjoys cigars, boxing and sea salt. He dislikes iodine and Santeria. He has a couple of behavior ticks, which include licking his teeth and discreet scratching. ISIS has footage of these ticks.

He basically resembles an older version of Sterling Archer with a mustache.

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