First appearance "Mole Hunt"
Voiced by Maggie Wheeler
Eyes Blue
Hair Black
Languages English (fluent)
French (fluent)
German (fluent)
Nationality American
Occupation Receptionist
Personal Life

The Receptionist answers the phones and directs calls at ISIS headquarters. She is extremely suspicious of Archer and threatens to call HR (Pam) at the slightest hint of flirtation.


  • In "Mole Hunt," she is seen handling phones at her desk before Archer asks her to smell his recently dry-cleaned shirt that smells like curry, and she threatens to call HR on him.


Archer: (holding curry-smelling shirt)"Hey, you wanna smell something?"
Receptionist: "Swear to God, Mr. Archer, I have HR on speed dial!"
Archer: "Shut up." (Mole Hunt)

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