"Reignition Sequence" is the tenth episode of Season 6 and the seventy-second episode overall of Archer.

Plot Edit

An office romance is interrupted by the Russians.

Jealous--as well as nauseated--by Archer and Lana's rekindled relationship, the office drones decide to come up with a plan to break them up for good. When Cheryl's elaborate idea of framing a patsy for kidnapping A.J. is a bit much for everyone, the gang decides to settle instead for arranging a woman to be caught with Archer, who they think can't resist the temptation to cheat. After ruling out expensive hookers, they all decide on making a call to the one woman who has a strong psychological hold on Sterling, aside from Malory--Katya Kazanova.

Meanwhile, during the afterglow of sex in the janitor closet, Lana tells Archer that she has noticed that he's matured ever since getting back together with him. He acknowledges all of the times in the past where he has cheated, and promises it will never happen again. He also asks that neither of them tell his mother that they are an item, for fear that she'll try to split them up again. Later that day, Archer invites Lana over to his apartment for dinner that he plans to make himself, being that Woodhouse has gone missing for quite some time.

Later that night, the drones are staking out Archer's place in an ice cream van. Krieger had previously set up hidden cameras in Archer's penthouse to catch everything that happens. As Archer returns home, he discovers Katya coming out of his bathroom, and his bedroom made up for an intimate evening together. As the gang watch Archer turn down Katya's advances, they see Lana pull up outside, who's forced to take the stairs, being that the elevator is broken. When Katya is upset that Archer is turning her down in favor of Lana, he gives a heartfelt talk, explaining how he now has a child, how much he's always loved Lana despite their fighting, and although Katya will have a place in his heart, he doesn't want to risk losing Lana again. The speech touches Katya, as well as the gang--who now feels guilty for what they've done, and they try to stop Lana from going into Archer's apartment.

When Archer realizes Lana will be there any second, he quickly asks Katya to leave before she comes in. She mentions she forgot something in the bathroom, but Archer tells her he'll mail it to her. Equipped with a grappling hook in her forearm, she leaves from Archer's balcony, telling him she will miss him and kisses him goodbye for good. As Archer scrambles to make dinner, the gang stops Lana, and as a stalling tactic, Cyril half-heartedly admits he still loves Lana. She laughs and goes inside anyway, closing the door on them. She eventually notices the intimate setup in the bedroom and thinking that Archer set this up, goes in the bathroom to prepare. Archer tells Lana he feels like a new man--which prompts Lana to furiously ask him about the vagina in the sink.

Trivia Edit

  • Katya reveals that she upgraded herself with new firmware, as well a grappling hook.
  • This is the first time in the series that Katya makes an appearance without Barry. It's revealed that she has no idea that Barry tried to kill Archer again, and that he is badly damaged.
  • Ray is still without a hand and reveals that the office insurance policy does not cover prosthetic replacements, indicating all of Krieger's previous cyborg procedures were off-the-record surgeries.
  • Recurring References
    • The elevator repairman (Mr. Ford) from "Legs" makes a re-appearance in this episode.
    • Stir-Friday being used in this episode is the same phrase coined by Archer in Mole Hunt.
    • Katya's death in "Double Trouble" is referenced.
    • Archer saying "Just the tip" is the same phrase used by Archer in "Mole Hunt".
    • Archer brings up several times how Katya had sex with Barry on their 2nd Wedding day, and left him at the altar in "Skin Game."
    • Archer, while trying to defend Lana, makes several references to her somewhat abnormally large hands, a reference made quite often over the course of the series.
  • Krieger reveals that he moonlights as an ice-cream truck driver in this episode.
  • It is revealed that Woodhouse has been missing for several weeks since his three days off in "Sitting".
  • While Katya is seducing Archer, she recites the chorus to LL Cool J's 1990 single "Jingling Baby".
  • It is also revealed that, because of the ISIS crew's failed mission in the previous episode, the CIA has not contacted them since.
  • Cheryl's flipbook plan to kidnap Abbiejean is basically an allusion to the Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping. Also, she makes reference to Ra's al Ghul, a character from the DC Comics Universe and the sworn enemy of Batman training an older A.J. to seek revenge against those who kidnapped her when she was a baby. Cheryl's flipbook story also borrows a few plot elements from Kill Bill, specifically the backstory of assassin O-Ren Ishii, which was also depicted in the movie via an animation.
  • The tune that various characters hum throughout the episode is the Ranz des Vaches from overture of the opera William Tell.
  • There is a possible reference to the television show Fringe. In the janitor closet while Lana and Archer are talking, on the wall behind the sink can be seen multiple left handprints with five fingers (and a thumb, for a total of six digits). This handprint is one of the lead-in/lead-out screens shown on Fringe.
  • When Katya receives the call, Boris has a magazine with a cover that is very similar to Action Comics #1. The cover title is 'Action Comics' written phonetically in cyrillic lettering.
  • Cheryl refers to "Wendell T. Stamps" and the "slideshow" in a deliberate reference to the Adam Reed show Frisky Dingo, in which the character Wendell T. Stamps watches a live camera feed in the back of a truck.

Quotes Edit

Krieger: "You're forgetting what the largest sex organ on the human body is."
Cyril: "The... penis?"
Pam: "Well, I was gonna say vagina."
Cheryl: "I was gonna say Pam's vagina."
Ray: "Me too."
Katya: "They're jingling baby."
Pam: “I mean, how do you not murder her every day?!”
Krieger: "I do.”


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