Román Calzado
First appearance El Contador
Hair Black
Languages Spanish(native)
English (fluent)
Nationality Colombian
Occupation Drug Lord
Hunter of Exotic Animals
Personal Life

Román Calzado is a Colombian drug lord featured in "El Contador" as the target of ISIS to collect $1,000,000. Cyril, as a new field agent, is sent with Lana and Sterling to capture Calzado.


Calzado's wanted sign.

Calzado is also shown to be an aficionado of hunting exotic animals, and 'the most dangerous animal of all': humans. After capturing Lana and Sterling for hunting purposes, he is tricked into capture by "El Contador" (Cyril). Unfortunately, ISIS does not collect the bounty, as there was no proof of ISIS capturing Calzado, despite directly handing him over.

Gallery of ImagesEdit

There are 2 images of Román Calzado on this Wiki, visit the Román Calzado gallery to view all the images and screenshots.

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