Sato Kentaro
First appearance "The Holdout"
Voiced by Togo Igawa
Eyes Brown
Hair Grey
Aliases Ken
Languages Japanese (native)
English (fluent)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation First Lieutenant of the Japanese Army
Personal Life
Family Sato Hatsumi (wife)
Sato Keiko (daughter)
"You are a major dickhole. Back home, I had a wife, Hatsumi, and a daughter, Keiko. I would have given anything to see her grow up. You have the chance that I never had, and you just go and throw it away!"
—Sato Kentaro[src]

Sato Kentaro is a First Lieutenant in the Imperial Japanese Army who was marooned on the island of Borneo during World War II.


Before the SeriesEdit

Sato Kentaro was ordered to stay on the island of Borneo since May 10, 1942. He was told to attack any enemies he saw. Due to the fact that he was stranded on the island for decades, he was unaware that the Empire of Japan lost World War II and that Japan and the United States of America were no longer at war.[1]

Season 6Edit

"The Holdout"Edit

Kentaro attacks Archer while the latter is on a solo mission. Sato believes that Archer, being American, is his enemy. Archer uses his satellite phone to show Sato that the war is over, but Sato is still skeptical. It is only after Archer falls asleep that Sato looks at postwar footage on Archer's phone and accepts the truth.

Archer wakes up in horror to see Sato watching reports of the atomic bombs being dropped on Japan at the end of WWII. Sato kicks Archer in the ribs. He then relents and decides to help Archer finish his mission so that he will be able to go back to Japan.

Due to his experiences with Kentaro, Archer has a actual moment of decency. Archer calls Sato's wife Sato Hatsumi, and the couple has an emotional reunion over the phone. Following their safe extraction, it is assumed that Sato returns to Japan to his wife and his daughter, Sato Keiko.


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  • Sato Kentaro seemed to be based on a real Japanese holdout named Hiroo Onoda who held out from December 1944 until March 1974 on Lubang Island in the Philippines. 29 years after World War II officially ended.


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