Woodhouse Shotgun

One of Woodhouse's weapons

The sawed-off double barrel shotgun is one of Sterling Archer's preferred weapons it is also used by criminals, police and military personnel. It is also seen in many movies, TV shows and video games

Weapon DetailsEdit

The sawed off double barreled shotgun is a breech loaded, dual triggered, two barrel shotgun. The shorter barrel reduces the range but gives it a larger shot dispersal, it also makes the weapon much easier to conceal and use in confined spaces. The weapon is similar to one used by Jerry Reed's character Bama McCall in the movie Gator. It can be carried one handed or two handed and uses a wide selection of shells from OO buckshot to slugs it can also use less then lethal rounds including Taser's X-rep ammo.


  • CommandeeringAirboat

    Archer uses one to commandeer an airboat.

    In Pipeline Fever," Archer had "borrowed" one from Woodhouse and smuggled it with him onto the plane. Upon seeing it, the sky marshall mistook Archer as a hijacker. Archer later used the gun to forcefully commandeer an airboat