Pam's portable Schützie tap.

Schützenmeister is a popular alcoholic beverage among the ISIS staff and Pam's drink of choice. Pam calls it "Schützie" and can often be seen carrying around a portable Schützenmeister tap at parties (such as the memorial party for the unknown dead agent in "The Rock").

This drink is an obvious reference to Jägermeister, which is a popular drink in shots. It is 35% alcohol by volume and is often combined with Red Bull for a shot called Jäger Bombs.


  • The German words "Schütze" and "Jäger" are to some degree synonymous. However, as a German compound word, "Schützenmeister" (literally "master marksman") is neither used in military nor in common language. Its only application is within Swiss marksmen clubs where it denotes the rank of range officer.