Lieutenant Scripes
First appearance "The Double Deuce"
Eyes Green
Hair White
Aliases Stripes
Nationality English
Skills Biplane Pilot
Personal Life

Lieutenant Scripes served in World War I and was in the same squadron as Woodhouse. He was jealous of the attention Woodhouse received from Captain Reggie Thistleton. When Reggie's plane went down in No Man's Land, he refused to send a rescue party after him. This is possibly due to his anger at not receiving Reggie's attention. When four other members of his squadron are reported dead, Woodhouse and Stinky believe that Scripes is the assassin. Scripes called Stinky hoping to come and visit so they could honor the memories of recently deceased squad mates. Stinky told him to meet him at Archer's apartment so he and Woodhouse could get the jump on him.

When he arrived at Archer's apartment he brought a Reggie's old gun, a Webley. He gave it to Woodhouse because Reggie would have wanted him to have it. He took good care of it, no rust with a clean barrel. While showing the gun to Woodhouse, Archer arrived and believed he was trying to kill Woodhouse. Sterling threw the wee baby Seamus up into the air, at which point Scripes attempted to save the baby. While trying to catch the baby, Sterling jump kicked him off the patio. His last words as he fell were, “I’m coming Reggie!” He landed on Sterling’s car.


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