The eighth season of Archer has been confirmed! It would reveal Archer's status as of the last episode of Season 7, the Deadly Velvet: Part II.The series will be transferred to FXX from the original FX. It's set to premier in April (5th) of 2017. It will revolve around the world inside Archer's comatose mind, set in 1947 where he is a detective, and all the characters are portrayed as people in that world, which Sterling has no recollection of.

Cyril, and a male-presenting Pam (with barely a change in her design or voice), will be accompanying Archer as his partners in his detective agency. Malory will once again be his boss, but now going by the alias, M. Lana and Ray are in a band together at a local bar, that is now the workplace of Krieger, a bartender. Cheryl, heiress of the earlier Tunt family fortune is a frequent customer there.

The story will be much more serialized than previous seasons as it focuses on Archer, avenging the death of Woodhouse's character of the same name, who is now hellbent on finding the murderer. And it will also be a tool for creators to callback characters they enjoyed writing for in previous seasons, such as Len Trexler, and Trinette McGoon. It has been dubbed by creator, Adam Reed, as Archer: Dreamland, and will most likely be the most highly anticipated season yet.[1]

Archer Season 8 will be aired on April 5th at 10:00 pm on FXX

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