Season 9
Production Company Floyd County Prod.
Country of Origin United States
No. of Episodes '
Original Channel FXX
Premiere Airdate 2018
Home Video Release
DVD ( Region 1 ) TBA
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Archer season 9, "Archer: Danger Island" is currently in production and will debut sometime in 2018. 

The season will be set in 1939, just as Japan invades China and Germany takes Austria. 

“In the middle of this, seaplane pilot and semi-functioning alcoholic Sterling Archer is drinking, screwing, gambling, and generally bumbling around French Polynesia with a smart-ass parrot named Crackers,” executive producer Matt Thompson explained at the Archer panel. “Welcome to Danger Island.”

Lana is still MIA, as Aisha Tyler's new role will be as a princess. Jessica Walter will still play Sterling's mum Malory Archer - this time, a bar owner - and H. Jon Benjamin will also play Archer as we currently know him, “except that he’s got an eye patch and he’s a sea pilot.” Pam will be Archer's “loyal sidekick and co-pilot", Judy Greer is heiress Charlotte, who initially arrived on the island to celebrate her honeymoon, but “her new husband caught her in bed with Archer and took off.” Chris Parnell will be adopting the German accent this time around to play a Nazi intelligence officer pretending to be a breadfruit exporter, and, hilariously, Lucky Yates will be the voice of Crackers the parrot.

“Last season, we loved it, but things got pretty dark, pretty fast,” said Thompson. “And [Archer creator] Adam Reed had talked about just doing something that’s fun and just having a blast with this season. So we basically stuck all these people on this tiny volcanic island, and we’re just going to have as much as fun as we can, with quicksand, cannibals, super intelligent monkeys, and a volcano, and a talking fucking parrot.”

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