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Chocolate everywhere
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 6
Written by Adam Reed
Production code AR01006
Original air date February 11, 2010
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"Skorpio" is the sixth episode of the first season of Archer.

Plot summary Edit

Archer must rescue Lana from the clutches of Skorpio, the infamous arms dealer. Meanwhile, Cyril fears not only for his girlfriend's life, but her succumbing to the seductive nature of Archer's heroics. All the while Malory is on a date with Jakov while keeping an eye on Archer, Lana, and Skorpio aboard the Argo.


Fort kickass

Dr. Krieger occupying Fort Kickass.

Malory has given Lana the mission of assassinating the arms dealer Spirodon Skorpio, while at the same time she has a secret conference with Nikolai Jakov. In the meantime at ISIS, the staff is charged with moving data systems onto the new servers, but instead they goof around and get stoned on MSG.

Main Cast Edit

Guest StarsEdit

Trivia Edit

  • Nikolai Jakov is seen reading the same France Matin issue in "Honeypot" when he is at the airport.
  • Malory Archer and Nikolai Jakov reminisce about their meeting on a bridge.The Bridge of Spies is actually called Glienicke Bridge. Located in Berlin, it was used as a prisoner exchange point between NATO and the Soviet Union.
  • Krieger makes an Iron Chef reference, "The secret ingredient is phone", when putting Cyril's phone in the blender
  • Responding on the airplane to Malory's query about spanking Archer with a wooden spoon, Lana says, "it might explain the ping pong paddle." We then see that the stewardess serving Lana a drink is the same stewardess from the Pilot episode "Mole Hunt," who lies in bed with Archer with a ping pong paddle mark on her butt. Later in the episode, Lana is shown being carried off by Skorpio holding a wooden spoon and a bottle of champagne.
  • Archer's "I would prefer not to" is a reference to the book Bartleby the Scrivener by Herman Melville, in which the character frequently says this line: "Not a big Melville crowd here, huh? He's not an easy read."
  • "Where did you get a grenade? It was hanging from the lampshade!" "A Hanging Lampshade" is a term writers use they are explicitly making reference to an implausible storyline.
  • Spirodon Skorpio calls Archer "malaka" (μαλάκα), which is the Greek word for jerk, on two occasions. He also refers to Lana as a "tsoula" (τσούλα) and a "poutana" (πουτάνα), both meaning whore in Greek. 
  • Archer's underwater scuba fight recalls that in fourth James Bond film, Thunderball, in which Bond's principal opponent, Emilio Largo, also owns a mega-yacht. 

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