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Twinbed for Archer
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 7
Written by Adam Reed
Production code AR01007
Original air date February 18, 2010
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"Skytanic" is the seventh episode of the first season of Archer.

Plot summary Edit

When a bomb threat jeopardizes the maiden voyage of the luxury airship Excelsior, Archer and the ISIS crew must battle the clock (and each other) to avert disaster.

Trivia Edit

  • Title Explained: The episode's name is an obvious reference to the ill-fated ship Titanic.
  • Excelsior is a commonly referenced interjection, for instance famously often used by Stan Lee.
  • This episode has numerous references to the Hindenburg, a rigid airship which famously and disastrously caught fire. Archer's exclamation, "Oh! The humanity!" is a well-known line from the newsreel of the event, spontaneously given by Herbert Morrison as he watched the ship burn. Being filled with hydrogen, which is highly flammable, the Hindenburg exploded after having caught fire during the landing procedure. The abundant availability of helium in the United States allowed US airships to use that gas instead of hydrogen. This is the case with the Excelsior. To Captain Lammers' exasperation Archer continuously mistakes the properties of helium as being like hydrogen, and referencing the Hindenburg.
  • When Lana, Malory, Archer and Lammers are discussing accommodations aboard the Skytanic, Lana suggests that she and Malory share quarters and "do the whole Oprah-Gayle thing," referring to the close relationship between Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King.
  • Captain Lammers also continuously tries, without success, to correct the team's constant reference to the Excelsior as a blimp. Blimps, which are non-rigid airships, are often mistaken for being the same as rigid airships, which is what the Excelsior is.
  • When Malory tries to seduce Captain Lammers, she does so by reciting a line from the Walt Whitman poem "O Captain! My Captain!".
  • Waiting for a refill of her drink at the Excelsior's bar, Malory complains the bartender is nowhere to be found: "Guy sees an empty glass, and all of a sudden he's Judge Crater." The reference is to Judge Joseph Crater, who disappeared after visiting a New York restaurant in the 1930s and became known as "The Missingest Man in New York."
  • Sandu Singh is staying in the "Von Zeppelin suite," where he meets Lana. von Zeppelin was a rigid airship designer and the founder of an airship company called the Zeppelin Airship company. Zeppelin would later become a genericized trademark for similar rigid airships. Archer keeps referring to this room as the "Led Zeppelin suite," a reference to the band, which took its name from a reference to these airships.
  • When Archer asks Lt. Klauss Kraus where Cyril is, he says to check the "Kaiser Wilhelm suite." Kaiser Wilhelm was the name of two famous revered German Emperors, or Kaisers. Archer suggests that the company should change the names of these rooms, probably because they refer to famous Germans.
  • When Lana exclaims "Captain Lammers!" when he reveals himself as the bomber, and Archer says "Nice read, Velma", this is a reference to Scooby-Doo, where Velma (and usually the rest of the Scooby-Doo gang) would very dramatically exclaim the name of the episode's criminal mastermind when he was unmasked.
  • Archer seems never to have been trained in using the NATO phonetic alphabet or the many other conventions used to prevent misunderstandings on the radio. After Ray chastises him he tries, like many people, to use names. He makes things worse by saying "M as in Mancy," which Gillette is not sure of, then retorts "you of all people..." Ray thinks he said "N as in Nancy" (the term "mancy" is usually directed at an effeminate homosexual).
  • This episode references the popular comedy Friendswhen Cyril walks in on Archer and Lana in a sexually compromising position, and, in the ensuing fight, Lana exclaims, "We're on a break," to which Cyril responds, "fine by me!" This same exchange occurs in Friends, between Ross and Rachel.

The use of 934, 934TX, and 934TXS (harken back and/or flash forward)

-    Skytanic, Season 1, Episode 7:  The bomb's model number is 934TXS which is confusing when Archer, who does not know the NATO phonetic alphabet, says to Ray it’s “like INXS.

-    The Rock, Season 1, Episode 8:  The “code cloner” displays 934TXS when unlocked.

-    Blood Test, Season 2, Episode 3:  The lockbox, which stores a glass bottle of Archer’s blood, has the code of 934TXS when Archer decodes it inside the bank vault.

-    Double Trouble, Season 2, Episode 13:  When Barry’s Bionic cybernetic information is displayed, under Fuel Capacity the screen displays 934TXS ENCRYTED.

-    Live and Let Dine, Season 4, Episode 7:  Rodney uses the 934TX Telephonic Isolator Unit to find out 16's exclusive phone number for reservations.  Again, at the very end of the episode for a brief moment, 934-TXS is call number on Barry & Katya’s helicopter.

-    The Papal Chase, Season 4, Episode 11:  The imposter “Swiss Guard's” vehicle plate number is 934TXS.

-   The Holdout, Season 6, Episode 1:  When Pam does the retinal scan, the secret door unlocks and the code reads 934TXS.

-   Three to Tango, Season 6, Episode 2:  The license plate on the limo Archer is chauffeuring for Lana and Conway reads 934TXS; it can be seen when he screeches to a halt in the parking garage. Additionally, when Slater drives Lana and Archer to the airport the front license plate read 934TXS, but the back plate is different.

-    Edie’s Wedding, Season 6, Episode 4:  Pam and Archer board flight number 934.

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