The Smith & Wesson Model 629 Handgun is .44 Magnum caliber weapon. The 629 is stainless steel version of the model 29 weapon.

It is Malory Archer's weapon of choice since retiring from the field and becoming a spymaster. She sleeps with hers under her pillow and has modified it with a scope and laser sight.


  • In "Dial M for Mother," Malory drew it for protection while Archer was breaking into her apartment.
  • In "Pipeline Fever," during a flashback of Lana Kane meeting Malory for the first time. Lana was going to throw red paint on Malory's new fur, but Malory drew her weapon to scare Lana.
  • In "Double Trouble," Malory used it to hunt down Sterling and Katya Kazanova. She shot Barry with it, despite his warning that he was a cyborg.
  • In "Three to Tango," Malory used it to confront and threaten Krieger while looking for A.J.
  • In "Drift Problem," Malory shoots at Moto, the Yakuza Boss of a drift car stealing Japanese Yakuza gang.

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