The South Pacific Intramural Lacrosse League of Pangu is the lacrosse league Sterling Archer installed while he was Pirate King. It is played as normal lacrosse, but with slightly different gear. First of all, instead of a normal ball, the pirates play with a coconut. Also, instead of a standard crosse, green butterfly nets are used to throw the ball. Other than indicating the teams, the jerseys mean nothing, as there are 2 #24s on "The Archers".

Known TeamsEdit

The following are all the known intramural lacrosse teams:

  • Lax-mi Singhers (Blue)
    • 12
    • 5 (Bucky)
    • 9
    • 6
    • 4
    • 4 (literally there are two (in the same shot))
    • 97
  • Archers of Loafcrosse (Orange)
    • 0 (Sterling Archer; assumed deceased)
    • 82
    • 24 (there are two for some reason in the same scene and the same shot)
    • 56
    • 25
    • 12 (Goalie)
    • 24 (Starting Middie; deceased)
    • 6 (Starting Middie; deceased)
    • 3 (Starting Middie; deceased)

One of these players is "Lurch."

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