Spelvin's little green pirate

George Spelvin's Pirate Virus
is a computer worm that was loaded into the ISIS computer network by Cyril Figgis. He was tricked into doing this by George Spelvin who led Cyril to believe that he would be able to beat the virus and appear to be a hero. However, the virus did not have a kill switch that Cyril could activate, but in fact, it was designed to steal data from the ISIS servers and upload it to Spelvin's server.


When this virus infects a computer, a little green pirate with a parrot on his shoulder walks onto screen. A catchy little tune plays and the pirate dances and "sings".

Pirate: "Hunch, hunch!"
Parrot: "What, what!"
Pirate: "Buh boh!"


the virus was a joke made by a hacker named "RuneFox88" years back, [1] the real version is located there.