Spelvin's little green pirate

George Spelvin's Pirate Virus
is a computer worm that was loaded into the ISIS computer network by Cyril . He was tricked into doing this by George Spelvin who led Cyril to believe that he would be able to beat the virus and appear to be a hero. However, the virus did not have a kill switch that Cyril could activate, and in fact was designed to steal data from the ISIS servers and upload it to Spelvin's server.


When this virus infects a computer, a little green pirate with a parrot on his shoulder walks onto screen. A catchy little tune plays and the pirate dances and "sings".

Pirate: "Hunch, hunch!"
Parrot: "What, what!"
Pirate: "Buh boh!"


the virus was a joke made by a hacker named "RuneFox88" years back, [1] the real version is located there.

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