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Archer's bar and entertaining space

Sterling Archer's apartment is a high class luxury penthouse in New York City. It's exact location is undetermined, but because Barry crossed the Brooklyn Bridge to get there, it is likely located in Manhattan. It is likely that it is a loft in the TriBeCa or Soho section of Manhattan, due to the style of the building. It is the scene for much of the action of the Archer TV series.

Archer has two rules about his apartment: the first being that dogs like Abelard are not allowed in; the second being that his mother, Malory isn't allowed in. Despite this fact, Malory visits often and even has a key.


It has multiple rooms, including

  • Archer's master bedroom
  • Living quarters for Woodhouse
  • Sewing room, where Woodhouse makes Archer's tailored suits
  • Large Bar and entertaining space
  • Terrace/Patio
  • Multiple bathrooms
  • Kitchen



Exterior of Archer's Apartment

So far two people have died at Archer's apartment. Both have fallen off of the patio.
  • In "The Double Deuce," Archer believes Lieutenant Stripes is attempting to shoot Woodhouse in the eye, so he jump kicks him after distracting him with Seamus.
  • In "Double Trouble," Barry attempts to throw Archer off the roof. Katya Kazanova saves Archer's life by sacrificing hers, she wraps her bridal veil around Barry's neck and drags him off the roof with her. She falls on Krieger's Van, Cyborg Barry lands on his feet unharmed.

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