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"Swiss Miss" is the first episode of the second season of Archer.

Plot summary Edit

In yet another attempt to secure funding for ISIS, Malory drags her agents to the luxury winter resort town of Gstaad to protect a German billionaire's daughter from a kidnapping threat. But Archer soon finds out the real threat is his protectee: an underage nymphomaniac who will stop at nothing to bed the world's greatest spy.

Anke walks into Sterling's hotel room while he is shaving. Sterling uses his shaving kit to cover up his nudity, but cuts himself in an extremely sensitive place while doing so. He requires stiches to treat his wound.


The ISIS Staff goes to Gstaad, Switzerland to provide security for a German Billionaire and his daughter Anke (Later referred to by Sterling as a "Slutty little ninja") who turns out to be an underage nymphomaniac who tries to seduce Sterling. One of two male Attackers try to abduct Anke but Sterling fights him off with a can of Maybe Musk antiperspirant spray and a lit candle burning the man's face and causing his lover to leave him for his twin brother.

The next attempt on Anke's life is by a bunch of attackers on ski mobiles. Archer and Anke flee, also on a ski mobile through the Swiss Alps and after Sterling fights them all off, they wind up in the middle nowhere while Anke starts to freeze because of her toplessness. (She took off her top to seduce Sterling earlier. He resisted her repeated attempts despited being mocked by fellow ISIS staff about it.) Anke convinces Sterling that he has to manually warm her with his hands or else she'll get nerve damage. Archer looks around and proceeds to do so until Lana appears on ski's and mocks him.

The show abruptly ends with Malory waking up naked in bed with the passed out billionaire and a naked Pam who tries to continue with the affair before being backed down by Malory's gaze.

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  • After calling on ISIS to cut back on expenses and salaries, Malory receives a call from her furrier and requests the gray fox. Archer expresses anger that she's "buying new horse shoes", mistaking the word for Farrier, an expert in equine hoof care.
  • The crotch shot photo of Anke Schlotz exiting the limo is a reference to Paris Hilton.
  • Pam is wearing a Jayne Cobb hat from "Firefly."
  • A large element of the plot in the episode centers around the illegality of Archer having sexual relations with a 16 year old girl. This is, however, not illegal in Switzerland (or anywhere in Europe other than Turkey and Malta), where the age of consent is 16; though it might still be considered taboo by many, given the age gap, it is not something Archer could find himself in legal trouble for.
  • The photo Malory shows of El Frente Rojo, (the group attempting to kidnap Anke). Is identical to the famous photo clippings of the SLA, robbing a San Francisco bank in 1974.
  • Ray mistakes the laser sights from the snowmobiles as a Pink Floyd show, referencing the English rock band's elaborate stage show effects.
  • On the wall in the bar of the resort there's a picture of Ray on the Olympic podium in 3rd place. (Behind Ray when he says "Raus you Maus".)
  • This is the first episode to feature Amber Nash in the opening title sequence.


  • Archer: "I wasn't eye-banging her!"
    Pam: "Man, I was."
    Archer: "Eww!"
    Pam: "What?! Geez, I'm only human!"
    Archer: [pause] "Are you?"
    Pam: [belches]
  • Anke: "How familiar! You must address me by my title: Countess Von Fingerbang."
  • Archer: "That's when she strikes -- like a slutty little ninja."
  • Anke: "Aw, that's no fun! Then you don't get to squirt that hot, white cream all over your face."
  • Lana Kane: "Was that before or after you got caught fondling a teenager?

Archer: "Well, obviously, before. After was all... gendarmes and dick stitches."


The song used during the snowmobile chase is Following You by Pierre Dutour Et Son Orchestre from the Chappell Library.

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