Lana's Twin TEC-9s

The TEC-9 gun is a Swedish-American made 9mm semi-automatic to fully-automatic handgun. This gun is popular with American street gangs, international terrorists and its use in the Columbine High School massacre. It is relatively low cost and easy to produce. It is known for having poor accuracy, but what it lacks in accuracy and reliability it more than makes up for with firepower and the ability to easily modify it to full auto.

Magazines range from 10 to 75 rounds, measuring to just over 1 foot long - weighing less than 4 pounds making it very compact given the high rate of fire. It is blow-back operated and manufactured by Intratec.

Lana's weapon of choice is 2 TEC-9's which she refers to as "twins". Lana got the nickname "spray and pray" because of her use of firing her TEC-9's without aiming.


  • Lana refers to her "twin TEC-9s" when speaking with Rona Thorne in "Movie Star."
  • Lana uses a TEC-9 with a 50 round magazine while trying to recover ISIS bearer bonds in Monaco in the episode "Jeu Monégasque." It appears to have been modified to fire full auto.

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