The final scene of Terms of En-Rampagement

Terms of En-Rampagement is a "working title" for the film depicting Archer's "rampage" during the "Placebo Effect" episode. The film was largely shot by Lana Kane. The rampage took place as Archer investigated, interrogated, and murdered his way through the ranks of the Irish Mob. The cause of the rampage is due to Dr. Krieger pointing out that the cancer pills he was buying from the pharmacy were merely sugar pills and his IV therapy fluids were merely Zima. Archer begins his investigation to find the "douchebag in charge" at the pharmacy and ends with him killing the leader of the Irish Mob. (Note, it is not shown that Archer actually shot, or killed the leader, but it is implied).

The final scene is an homage to an episode of Magnum P.I. “Did You See the Sunrise?” where Thomas Magnum asks the question before he turns and shoots a former POW camp guard. This is considered one of the more shocking and memorable endings to a TV show. Archer asks a similar question, “Did you see Regis this morning?”


The name is likely a reference to the film Terms of Endearment

The ending line "Did you see Regis this morning?" is a reference to an episode of Magnum P.I. in which the main character asks a Russian POW camp commandant "Did you see the sunrise this morning?", before shooting him in the same style as Archer.

Memorable QuotesEdit

  • Lana: You good?
  • Archer: (Deep breaths) RAAAAAAMMMMMPAAAAAAAGEEEEEE!!!!


  • Paddy: Do ya have any idea who our boss is?
  • Archer: Nope, but a hundred people surveyed, number one answer's on the board. Name the douchebag who's in charge. (points cocked sawed off shotgun at Paddy's kneecap)
  • Paddy: Vincent...Van Go F***yourself!
  • Archer: Hmm...Vincent Van Go F*** myself. Survey says! (fires the shotgun)
  • Mikey: Oh Christ!
  • Lana: Jesus Archer!
  • Archer: What Lana, I said it was a rampage!


  • Lana: Wait, you're just gonna leave him with a grenade stuck up his ass?
  • Archer: Yes, Lana, I'm on a rampage! And also kidding. It's a smoke grenade.
  • Mob Boss: Oh, thank Go-- (frag grenade explodes)

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