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The Double Deuce
Woodhouse soldier
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 5
Written by Adam Reed
Production code XAR02004
Original air date February 24, 2011
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"The Double Deuce" is the fifth episode of the second season of Archer.[1]

Plot Edit

Secrets of Woodhouse's past make him the seeming target of an assassin. Archer sort of gets mildly concerned about it, but is more enthused about the prospect of getting his hands on the money Woodhouse may get if he is the last member of the tontine.[2] Archer hands over baby Seamus to Malory since it would be inapropriate to "take a baby to a murder."  Malory's care reveals many insights into how she raised Archer and his current disfunctions.  Cyril, Cheryl, and Pam attempt to set up their own tontine.

Mysterious Deaths Edit

Several of Woodhouse's former squadron mates have died in the past six months. These include:


  • "Alas, poor Reggie!" When Woodhouse says these words and lifts the citrus fruit, he is exactly mimicking Hamlet raising the skull of Yorick. ["Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy."]
  • When Pam is creating a tontine for ISIS employees the name Cody 2 can be seen on the bottom of the match up list. This is a reference to another of Adam Reed's productions, Frisky Dingo.
  • As Woodhouse begins to describe his relationship with Reggie, a pilot of SPAD S.XIII, Archer comments, "Ew, gross...Didn't Oscar Wilde get hard labor for that?", referring to Oscar Wilde's imprisonment on charges of sodomy .
  • While Cheryl/Carol is spraying aerosol disinfectant in the office (to kill all the baby germs) Pam quips "Knock it off Union Carbide." Union Carbide is an aerosol company that has had several major disasters in the U.S. and India (Bhopal Disaster, December 2-3, 1984).
  • Woodhouse describes Reggie as "in the words of Henley, 'bloodied, but unbowed." This is a quote from the poem Invictus by British poet William Ernest Henley .
  • When offered a canteen of water, Reggie responds "Oh, I never drink the stuff. Fish fuck in it." This is a famous rationale coined by the comedian, actor, and proud drunk, W.C. Fields .
  • Reggie asks Woodhouse for a cigarette, and Woodhouse proceeds to try and light it by match. The first match is blown out, but draws the attention of a sniper. The second attempt also is blown out, but allows the sniper to tighten his aim. After successfully lighting the cigarette on the 3rd match, Reggie is shot by the sniper. This is twist on a superstition about lighting 3 cigarettes off of 1 match. The superstition was thought to originate from soldiers during WWI, which is false, but was widely passed around as truth.
  • It is revealed that Woodhouse was discharged from the RFC for collecting large numbers of enemy scalps. This is likely a reference to the film Legends of the Fall, in which Brad Pitt's character, Tristan Ludlow, goes on a scalping spree and is subsequently discharged for it.
  • As Archer leaves the office to go "save" Woodhouse, Cyril quips about Archer's "hooker baby", prompting Archer to throw a cat statue at Cyril's head, knocking him to the ground. The statue is of Maneki Neko, a Japanese figure which is thought to bring good luck to its owner.
  • "Bloody April" was a real historical event which occurred in 1917, beginning on April 9 with the opening of the Battle of Arras. During the next month, RAF losses were roughly three times German losses for the same period.
  • Wenslydale, Stilton, Gloucester and Buxton are all English cheeses, each named after their places of origin. Buxton cheese is not as well known in England as the others. Although British Lords choose an official name and sometimes use a place name, knights are given the title Sir (like Wenslydale and Stilton) and keep their family names.
  • The heading for an article on Woodhouse's newspaper reads "Woodrow To Testify."  This is in reference to a speech given by President Woodrow Wilson on September 5, 1919.  He is quoted saying, "LET ME TESTIFY TO THIS, MY fellow citizens..." and goes on to mock German spies by insinuating he was in disbelief to learn that they had the better intelligence agency in Europe.
  • Woodhouse claims to have "won a bar in a dice game" in Tangiers, Morocco, bearing a strong resemblance to Rick's Café Américain in Casablanca, Morocco, in the film Casablanca. Woodhouse says to Archer that this bar was the setting for "how I met your mother."
  • The tontine Woodhouse is involved in is originally for 1200 British Pounds, it built 10% interest and is said by Woodhouse to be worth a little under $1,000,000 at the time of the episode. If solved for with the exchange rate from January 2011 the amount was accumulating interest for 65 years, placing the original date of the tontine in the mid-1940s.

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References Edit

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