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Cheryl's Living Room in Season 2.

The Tunt Mansion is where Cheryl Tunt lives in a high class neighborhood of New York City. It is right next door to the Roosevelt Mansion. It is characterized by a lot of ornate moldings, large spacious rooms and ultra-high ceilings. It has been passed down through the Tunt family, inherited from Cornelius Tunt, Cheryl's great-grandfather.

It is unknown whether or not Cheryl has to share the living space with her brother Cecil Tunt.

Photo 1

The Tunt Mansion in season 5.

It made it's first appearance in "El Secuestro".

It appears the Tunt mansion is the new place of operation since ISIS HQ has closed down.

Since season 2 it looks as if the place has been remodeled. The picture of the Tunt family has been taken down, and a couple other pictures have been put up. 

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