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The Tunt Mansion at night.

The Tunt Mansion is the ancestral home and primary residence of Cheryl Tunt. Located on the Northwest corner of 5th avenue and 55th street New York City, the Gilded Age estate is right next door to the Roosevelt Mansion. It is characterized by by its polished marble walls and floors, ornate moldings, large spacious rooms, and ultra-high ceilings. It has been passed down through the Tunt family, inherited from Cornelius Tunt, Cheryl's great-grandfather.

Season 2Edit


Cheryl's Living Room in Season 2.

The home is first seen in the edisode El Secuestro. To prove her story of about Pam's kidnapping, Chreyl takes Sterling, Lana, and Malory to the estate and reveals that she is part of the Tunt family.

It appears that Cheryl does not have to share the living space with her brother Cecil Tunt as he's never seen on the premises.

Season 5Edit

Photo 1

The Living Room in season 5.

In the episode, Archer Vice: A Kiss While Dying the agents of the now defunct spy organization take what supplies they could get from the government-siezed ISIS HQ and move into the Tunt Mansion. Cheryl has permitted Sterling, Lana, and the others to move in in exchange for Ray and Krieger's help jump starting her singing career. Eventually, even Malory moves in.


  • The Living Room: One of the largest spaces in the house and the primary place of business of the ISIS cocaine ring.
  • The Pool: Woodhouse's living space in the mansion until Dr. Krieger fills it so he can construct his submersible.
  • The Music Room: A corner room on the third floor where Cheryl perfects her singing.
  • Bathrooms: At least 3, as seen from the CC video footage.
  • Kitchem: Includes a large steel cage pantry.
  • Gymnasium: Where Woodhouse exercises and Malory gets her spa treatment.
  • The Billiards Room: Dr. Krieger's main work space where most of his computers and security monitors are set up on one of the pool tables.
  • The Game Room: A second-floor room filled with antique guns and taxidermied animals hunted by Cheryl's Grandpapa. The ISIS gang hunker down here during their encounter with the Yakuza.
  • Main Foyer: The primary entryway into the house, a major junction.
  • Grand Staircase: The largest stairway in the house, a major junction.
  • Secret Passages
  • Underground Tunnels
  • The Living Room fireplace
  • The Music Room wall
  • Hidden Staicase
  • The Pantry wall
  • The Ballroom: A large room parrallel to the Living Room decorated in white marble and gold appointments where Lana's baby shower is celebrated.
  • Cyril and Ray's Bedroom: A room with a pair of twin beds.
  • Malory's Bedroom: A luxurious bedroom
  • The Library: An oak paneled room where Malory conducts a debriefing after the Columbia fiasco.



Tunt Mansion-Real NY

Repeated outdoor shot, note the similar corner building at the right.

  • The actual site of the Tunt Mansion (based on the picture to the right) appears to be 55th and 5th, the location of the Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church.
  • The residence appears to be based on the old Vanderbilt Mansion on 57th and 5th. The Roosevelt Mansion, at 6 West 57th Street, is across the street and the architecture is vaguely similar. The house was sold and torn down in the 1920s to be replaced with a department store.
  • Like other aspects of the Tunt family Since season 2 (Cecil's character design) the mansion's appearance has been retconned. In it's premiere, the Living Room was grand but rather austere looking with the Tunt family portrait being the only decoration. Walls on either side of the room were flanked with windows looking out onto the street. In later appeances, other pictures have been put up, the stonework is more intricately detailed, and only the left wall has windows (the right wall face the hall to the Ballroom).

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